Welcome to the home of Southeast Wisconsin FreeThinkers! SWiFT is a democratic organization uniting freethinkers across Southeast Wisconsin to encourage rationalism and freethought through the proliferation of humanistic values.


Members and non-members in the Southeast Wisconsin area, please take a moment to complete our survey.

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Dear Fellow Freethinkers,


SWiFT is committed to supporting and promoting freethought principles and activities in the Southeastern Wisconsin area.  These activities include a number of events that we hold on a regular basis, including monthly membership meetings, informal dinner get-togethers, and solstice parties.  We also promote activities in the broader freethought community, including those of organizations that support secularism, humanism, and rational perspectives.  In addition, SWiFT is considering holding one or more conferences to promote those principles to a broader audience.  


To best serve the freethought community, it is important that SWiFT’s activities are of the greatest interest to the community and are held at times and locations that will be most effective and convenient to encourage active participation by the members of the community.  We decided therefore that we should ask you as members of the community what is of greatest interest to you and how we can best encourage participation and the promotion of freethought principles in the area.  


We have prepared a very brief survey and are asking you to take just a moment to complete it.  We understand that privacy is Important, and we want to assure you that this has been structured to maintain your anonymity.  


Thank you,


Southeast Wisconsin FreeThinkers


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Religious Humor


The Atheist Alliance has had an ambitious project running for a while. The goal is to find out how many atheists there are in the world and create a searchable demographic of all the non-believers.

Do your part and be counted.




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