SWiFT Opposes Walker Budget Proposal

SWiFT is not a political organization and as a rule stays out of politics; however, we have been drawn into the fight against Governor Scott Walker by provisions in his new budget proposal.

The new Wisconsin budget proposal not only extends, but substancially increases support for the unconstitutional school voucher program. It is well know that Scott Walker does not support the public education system. However, providing tax payer dollars to support charter schools crosses the line and must be dealt with. SWiFT does not nor can not support any proposal where tax payer dollars could be used to fund religious education or indoctrination. Please click here to go to the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s response to this latest assault. Please join us in protesting this blatant abuse of powers by taking action as indicated on the FFRF website.

SWiFT stands with FFRF and others to formally protest this inclusion into the state’s budget. Public money must not be used to fund private religious organizations.

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