Help! Screwed Up!! has made a big blunder. They have mixed the reviews from the adulterated Ray Comfort 150 Anniversary Edition of Origin of Species (see previous post) with the actual 150th Anniversary Edition of Origin of Species. So, when people leave negative reviews for the Ray Comfort version, it also shows up on the “real” version as well.  When you leave positive reviews for the actual Origin of  Species it shows up on the Ray Comfort version too. I actually started a discussion yesterday on each book explaining this on the website and sent an email to them. actually did try to fix this last night, but it is messed up again today.  What is worse, is the that when you do a search Origin of Species, the Ray Comfort version comes up first. The actual 150 Anniversary Edition does not even come up at all!

I need everyone to send an email to customer service and complain.  Do NOT leave a review – either positive or negative because it will go to both books.  The more reviews that are left, the worse the problem gets. You see, both books have the exact same title and the same author (Darwin). You would think that would sort the books by their ISBN numbers rather than the titles, but apparently they are not that smart.

Let’s try and get this resolved. We do not need one of the most important and relevant books of all time tainted by this creationist garbage. Not one person has left positive feedback for the Ray Comfort version, but yet it receives all of the positive reviews from the actual Origin of Species. People are being duped into purchasing the fake version. Please help.

Below is a link to Amazon’s customer service page. Customer Service

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  1. Looks like the problem has been fixed. Well, mostly fixed. The reviews have been separated but the actual Origin of Species does not come up on a search. But at least the Ray Comfort version has only one star and the real version has five (when you can find it). Good job to everyone who complained to amazon.


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