SWiFT Decries Abridged Origin Of Species

For those of you who have not been following the destructive exploits of the creationists, this one’s for you.

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron of the Living Waters Ministries are giving away free copies of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species. The catch? Ray comfort has added his own introduction with false stories of Darwin being a fascist and racist. He also denounces evolution and science in general as false. Comfort further goes on to edit the work itself. His version actually omits key chapters. He basically altered the book to act as a propaganda machine for his warped creationist ideas. He is trying to confuse people by flooding schools with this false and harmful book. The mission is to use deceit and lies to surreptitiously get their insane creationist propaganda into our countries schools.

SWiFT officially condemns the Living Waters Ministries version of Origin of Species, with the introduction by Ray Comfort, as complete and utter nonsense. The introduction is nothing more than fabricated creationist propaganda. The body of the book has been edited and altered in such a way as to render its original purpose and meaning unintelligible. The original text of Origin of Species stands as one of the greatest contributions to civilization. The Living Waters Ministries has committed a sad and despicable act of sabotage against human progress and knowledge by defacing this great work and disseminating their deluded, hateful disinformation.

If creationism had anything intelligent or relevant say, perhaps its practitioners would share it rather resorting to defiling accepted works of scientific reasoning. The vacuous claims made by the creationists are still just that, empty.

If you would like see the Ray Comfort abomination, grab as many of them as you can at universities, but by all means do not send them any money to purchase a copy. If you would like to read the introduction – or the entire book for that matter, you may download it for free below.

Living Waters abridged version of Origin of Species (free download)

1 thought on “SWiFT Decries Abridged Origin Of Species”

  1. I think usually people like Ray Comfort end up being their own worst enemy. What he did was so crazy and over the top that I think most ordinary people assume that he just finds evolution very threatening and has to slander it.
    It would be awesome if someone would analyze his redactions and add reasons why he would be dishonest or feel threatened by those passages and then come out with a book entitled, “What Ray Comfort Doesn’t Want You to Know about Darwin.”


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