About SWiFT

SWiFT is a freethought organization. We have adopted the following operating principles and objectives:

Always proceed democratically, ethically, and honestly.

Promote and exemplify the fact that Freethinkers are reasonable, thoughtful, civil, and caring people.

Increase awareness of Freethought positions.

Promote the idea that the Freethought world view of trying to understand nature through rational, scientific inquiry is the most satisfying and rewarding way to appreciate existence.

Encourage objective and nondogmatic education.

Do good works on behalf of Freethought.

Create opportunities for Freethinkers to meet formally and informally for an open exchange of ideas and for mutual support.

Provide venues for Freethinkers and their families to get together in social settings.

Establish a presence at community events.

Establish a systematic method of responding to local attacks on Freethought or free inquiry.

Lobby for the inclusion of Freethought points of view in local government policy- and decision-making.

Take a strong and consistent position against any unconstitutional mingling of government and religion and against discrimination aimed at Freethinkers.

Be willing to consider picketing or otherwise demonstrating on behalf of Freethought positions.

To print a copy of our Operating Principles and Objectives click here.


President: Eric Hildeman
Treasurer: Eugene Barufkin
Treasurer: Jim Riley
Publicist/Webmaster: Rob Moore (Interim)
Secretary: Marcus Maichle

Board of Directors

A – Nolan Webb
B – Eric Hildeman
C – Rob Moore
D – Jim Reiley

SWiFT is affiliated with the following organizations

American Atheists
American Humanist Association
Council for Secular Humanism
Atheists Alliance International


SWiFT Membership is opened to anyone who supports SWiFT Operating Principles and Objectives and who pays annual dues.

Current annual dues are $20.00.

SWiFT accepts payments through PayPal for membership dues and donations.

Note: Make your PayPal membership payment a donation to avoid any fees.

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For more information contact SWiFT or please attend on of our business meetings or dinner socials.

Other ways to be part of SWiFT

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